Master Precision Trading:

Learn to identify exact turning points in the market, enhancing your ability to become a Consistently profitable trader.

Learn to master yourself and the market

Aquire the strategies and discipline needed to achieve financial freedom today!!

Market Timing Academy

A Bit About Us

Market Timing Academy is founded by Coach Jameel. With a bachelor's degree in finance and over 8 years of experience at JPMorgan investment banking, Coach Jameel created this program to help aspiring traders unlock the keys to achieving consistent profits by teaching proven market timing and risk management strategies being used by, professional traders, market makers and industry insiders.


Empower Your Financial Freedom

Equip yourself with a high-income skill set that could be your pathway to financial freedom through disciplined and knowledgeable trading.


Master Precision Trading

Learn to identify exact turning points in the market with our proprietary techniques, enhancing your potential for high returns.


Real-Time Learning

Experience live trading sessions where you apply what you’ve learned in real market scenarios, ensuring hands-on learning.


Community of Traders

Join an exclusive community of like-minded individuals who are also on their journey to becoming proficient traders, enhancing your learning through group insights.

Live Trading Days

Trade live with Coach Jameel 3 days a week as he teaches proven market timing concepts while helping you develop your skills in a live trade room.

  • Earn and Learn at the same time

  • See Coach Jameels entries and exits in real time

  • Know when to buy and when to sell

Educational Lessons and Content

Learn at your own pace with our interactive courses that help you build a strong foundation to identifying key turning points in the market for both short term trading and long term investing.

  • Access video modules, advanced lessons, chart pattern cheat sheets and more

  • Build confidence & eliminate confusion

  • Learn how the market really works

Weekly Market Review

Join Coach Jameel weekly for a recap of the previous weeks market activity as well as a detailed analysis of where the market is going in the weeks ahead.

  • Weekly insights, analysis and insights

  • Detailed analysis of Futures Market as well as Stocks

  • Weekly Watchlist

Also included: One On One Personal Coaching

One on one sessions are designed for the brand new to experienced trader and investor who desires a one on one experience to accelerate their learning curve.

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Unlock the keys to the market used by banks, institutions, market makers and professional traders!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my billing information secure?

We use both Stripe™ and PayPal™ payment system with maximum encryption so that your credit card and personal information are safe and secure. Payments will appear on your credit card statement as either Stripe™ or PayPal™ (depending on which method you chose to checkout with) *MARKETTIMINGACADEMY, LLC

I have a full time job does your style of trading allow me to participate with my current work situation?

While we do have a few trading sessions each week that are designed to trade around the US market open, many of us and our members will pre-plan our trades and set them up to execute even if we're not in front of the computer at that time. We will use specific order types and alerts to let us know when things are happening in the account, but many times, it's not necessary for you to be in front of the computer if you've set it up prior to leaving your trading desk.

Are the live trading sessions courses and weekly analysis recorded?

Yes, everything we do is recorded for viewing at your convenience. Live trading and analysis sessions we host will be recorded and posted generally within 24 hours of the session ending. All of the archived recordings are available 24/7 from any computer, tablet, or mobile device, which makes learning at your own pace a truly viable solution.

Can I trade your style of trading in my IRA?

The short answer is yes. However, that will also depend on your brokers’ restrictions. The only restriction legally on your IRA is the restriction of borrowing funds (using margin). The use of margin is required in certain option positions. Therefore, there will be some restrictions when selling options. but other than that, with the right broker, you can trade what you want and how you want in all of your accounts. If you have questions about what you can and can't trade in your accounts, it's best to contact your broker of choice, and they will help you with what they allow.

How do I get help with questions?

We are a community that leans into each other for help, so please be sure to ask the question no matter how simple or advanced the question, we don't personally know the answer, we will commit to finding the answer together. As for how you ask your questions....we provide support by email, phone, text, and zoom. Some questions you will have a quick and easy to answer by email or text. Some require a phone conversation, and when necessary, we may ask you to log into a zoom session with us so we can screen share and talk through your questions. Here are our contact details:

Email Support:

Text / Phone Support: 980......

Zoom support sessions will be scheduled on an as needed basis

What is the best broker and trading platform for me to use?

There are many quality brokers that specialize in stocks, options, and futures. We recommend that you properly investigate all brokers and make sure that there are no major restrictions on your trading in either your cash or margin accounts. If you want to trade using the same platforms as us, we suggest contacting us first, and let's talk about your goals, and available capital, and the asset class you'll be trading, and we can help guide you in your platform and broker selection.

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